Our Impact

Together, we plant the seeds, we tend the gardens, and we help teachers and students reach for the stars. We are proud to offer cutting-edge programs that bring the excitement of STEM learning to life through school gardens and classroom hydroponics.

states, 5 countries using our programs
of students show an increase in STEM content knowledge
of students show an increase in behaviour, STEM engagement, and healthy eating habits

Educational Impact: Results Speak Volumes

Independent research carried out in the 2022-2023 school year has validated the impact and transformative power of our data-driven programs. Our emphasis on STEM education and environmental conservation has achieved remarkable results, including a 93% improvement in STEM knowledge and an 83% increase in positive behaviors. Beyond academic progress, studies indicate a noteworthy shift in attitudes toward STEM, coupled with a positive mindset regarding health and nutrition.

Through our NGSS aligned curricula and award-winning video lessons, along with dedicated coaching and support for teachers, we are not only fostering academic success, we are also providing students with enhanced career opportunities. By empowering students through school gardens and hydroponics, we are cultivating the next generation of scientists, engineers, conservationists, farmers, chefs, and entrepreneurs.

See our impact in action!

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